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  • Reclaimed Building Materials

    Hughes Reclamation yard in Manchester offers reclaimed building materials and delivers across the UK.

  • Reclaimed Timber and Stone

    A huge range of reclaimed timber and reclaimed stone to choose from, located in Manchester, however we deliver nationwide!

  • High Quality Reclaimed Stone

    Hughes reclaimed stone Manchester is extremely high in quality and taken from demolition jobs throughout the UK.

  • Reclaimed Antiques + Best Machinery

    Hughes Reclamation, Manchester offers a huge array of antiques taken from demolition sites.

Reclaimed Building Materials Manchester

The building, landscaping, reconstruction and retrofit industries are some of the biggest negatively-impacting businesses when it comes to our environment. This is because the mining of building stones, granite for cobbling of paved walkways and driveways and the felling of trees for timber produces barren landscapes that are an eyesore in addition to producing large amounts of atmospheric carbon. For this reason, choosing reclaimed building materials from Hughes Reclamation, Manchester is the best way to stop environmental degradation from the production of construction materials.

Guaranteed Quality

Whether you are looking to renovate, restore or remodel, we provide you with a range of high-quality reclaimed building materials of all types that have been recycled and restored to the highest standards of craftsmanship. Whether the recycled building or restoration materials are required for a single residence or for the renovation of a community project, we guarantee quality and durability. This is because, while some of the cobbles, bricks and timber may have a beautifully worn look, we ensure that they are still as strong as new.

Historic and Antique Materials

At our yard, located in Stalybridge, Manchester you can not only find the highest quality reclaimed building materials for your project, but also beautiful and historic treasures as well. We search far and wide to provide unique items that will provide a classy and beautiful finish while giving construction projects a touch of history.  These include antique offerings such as house signs and door knockers from way back in the Victorian and Georgian ages.

Buy cheap reclaimed building materials

Buy cheap reclaimed building materials

Reclaimed Building Materials Are Affordable

We also understand that any retrofit or construction project can be expensive. This is because new flagstones, paving material and timber bear a significant cost to have them extracted from the source and transported to the site. Our recycled and reclaimed building materials do not have this cost, making them more affordable for most home owners, redecorators and landscape artists.

Timber Produced Without Being Affected By Pollution

Reclaimed wood has become among the most sought after building materials by construction experts the world over. This is because most reclaimed timber was grown and harvested long before the current rampant air pollution that exists today. Most of the reclaimed wood is also a product of virgin timber, which had been allowed hundreds of years to grow, mature and harden before being touched by man.

Variety from a Single Source

Unlike newer materials, use of reclaimed building materials also allows home owners to achieve more variety in the construction and renovation of structures. This is because the recycled materials are not standardized in design and build, allowing different kinds of brick, stone and cobbles to be fitted according to their use and the structure design. The advantage is that the different types of materials can all be sourced from a single vendor.

Reclaimed Building Materials Increase Value

Not only are reclaimed building materials more cost-effective than newly-produced timber, stone or brick, they may also serve to increase the value of the structure on which they are used. This is a result of their aesthetic value and the fact that some reclaimed building materials may be antique or historic in nature, making them more desirable if the property is to be put on sale.

Important Notice: We are currently sold out of reclaimed timber, more due to come in soon.