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Reclaimed Stone Flags Manchester

reclaimed stone flags manchester

Reclaimed Stone Flags

There is something a little bit disturbing about buying natural construction materials from a big box store outside of town. Here in the UK, we have several millennia of proud history behind us, all of it built from stone that was pulled out of the hillside. The whole country is one big rock in the north Atlantic, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to buy building stones or other materials that come from far away in the hold of a ship or on the back of a truck. This practice of convenience-based’ retailing is wasteful, unsustainable, and completely lacking in character. When we buy materials this way, we give up history and tradition in favor of uniformity and blandness.

Another thing to keep in mind is that rocks are rocks. They are already old beyond comprehension; it isn’t as if buying a new one offers some great advantage. Whether you dig rocks in the back yard or reuse stones from an old wall, the inherent properties of a rock are not going to change. To the contrary, continuing to use materials that have already played a role in English history creates a link to our past. It gives your project a more interesting story and will convey a deeper sense of satisfaction for years to come.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with convenience, but enough is enough. The global marketplace is based on making money at any cost to the environment or to the greater population. It is time to stop being fooled by the bright lights of so-called convenience, especially when there are better local solutions within our reach.

When it comes to building projects, a much better alternative is to use reclaimed materials from Hughes Reclamation. Here you will find stones, cobbles, timber, and more in a wide range of categories. There are also treasures to be found like antique fixtures, and signs. There is no great loss of convenience here, and you will most likely have a lot more fun shopping. This is more like an archaeological expedition than a trip to the pharmacy.

Finally, shopping for reclaimed stone flags in Manchester, hard wood flooring, or other items will save you money while reducing your over-all carbon footprint. By buying locally, you are keeping your money in the local economy, you aren’t supporting an unhealthy and extensive transport network, and you are efficiently recycling the materials that already have their stories in your community. You will also be glad to know that reclaimed materials can cost between 40-60% less than buying new. This is a smarter, healthier, and more interesting way to buy construction materials. Visit Hughes Reclamation Yard Manchester today and see what treasures they have in stock this week.

Important Notice: We are currently sold out of reclaimed timber, more due to come in soon.