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Reclaimed Stone Manchester

Reclaimed Stone

reclaimed stone manchester

Not too long ago, construction materials such as reclaimed stone were so precious that they would be reused over and again throughout the centuries. It wasn’t unheard of to burn down an old shed in order to reclaim the nails. Within the last century, industrializationn and technology have changed all that. Now inexpensive, sometimes shoddy materials are available day or night at the supply store off the highway. While we were easily sold on this concept because of its convenience, are we really better off? A little bit of reflection tends to suggest otherwise.

For one thing, the global structure currently in place that manufactures, ships, and sells construction materials can be considered hugely inefficient and wasteful. By now it is old news that forests are in trouble globally. Just the practice of shipping and trucking items to their end destination burns fuel and causes pollution. This is an environmentally damaging system and it is not sustainable.

The worst part is that new stone is often sub-par to boot compared to reclaimed stone. As a culture we are all too willing to accept lower quality in exchange for supposed personal convenience. While the selling point is that there is now a wealth of options, this isn’t necessarily as great as it sounds. Sure there are amazing new plastics and compounds in every color of the rainbow, but does anyone really prefer that to natural reclaimed stone or hardwood? What are the greater costs of this kind of production? Moreover, we will soon all have some version of the same pre-fabricated house. Life will be less interesting for lack of variety and character.

Now consider an interesting alternative: Hughes Reclamation. This is a company that collects old building materials such as reclaimed stone in Manchester, sorts them, and makes them available to the public at attractive prices. In most cases, reclaimed stone Manchester will cost between 40-60% less than new materials. Hughes also makes it just as convenient as the modern shops by offering many categories and classes of materials from wood, reclaimed stone, and cobbles to antique signs and house fixtures.

Instead of buying whatever the global industry is selling, now you can choose from a wide selection of interesting items. Each has its own story and tells a little piece of English history. You will spend less, have more fun shopping, and end up with a more interesting, personalized project in the end. While we all like convenience and speedy commerce, the great advantages of our global capitalist system have been oversold. It is time to reign in the machine a little bit and look for local solutions. Whether you are building, remodelling or treasure hunting, Hughes Reclamation in Manchester is a great place to start.

Important Notice: We are currently sold out of reclaimed timber, more due to come in soon.