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Reclaimed Wood Flooring Manchester

reclaimed wood flooring manchester

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

With the wide variety of flooring choices on the market these days, homeowners are finding it really hard to decide which to use in their home. The thing is, while most people want their floors to look beautiful, most of them want something that will fit in with their lifestyles too, as far as d├ęcor and functionality is concerned.

Reclaimed wood flooring is becoming a more popular choice of flooring for many home owners, not only because of its visual appeal, but also because of its versatility and many other benefits as well, such as:

People all over the world are becoming increasingly aware of the bad state of the environment, and many of them are avoiding synthetic flooring such as linoleum and carpeting, because of the fact that chemicals used during the manufacture of these flooring materials, are causing even more pollution to be released into the atmosphere.

Natural products are becoming a more popular choice these days, with reclaimed wood flooring being just one of them – one of the main reasons being that it eliminates the need to cut down even more trees. Also, because very little handling and milling is needed to make the wood re-usable, it reduces tremendously, the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

Higher Quality
In the old days, only the lumber from very old trees was used, meaning that the wood was denser and had a straighter grain, making it stronger and more beautiful in appearance. The lumber of today very seldom has the chance to grow to its full maturity, making it a much lower quality than the type of wood that was used in years gone by.

One of a kind
Each piece of reclaimed wood flooring is unique, with nail holes, stains, and other imperfections, giving it a character that cannot possibly be matched during the manufacturing process of the wood in today’s times. It is the characteristics of re-used wood flooring, and the stories they have to tell, that make them a fascinating conversation piece in the home.

Easily maintained
Reclaimed wood flooring is a lot more stable than new wood flooring, owing to the fact that it has gone through all the swelling and shrinking over the years, and because of this, is more durable and easier to maintain than modern wooden flooring.

The bottom line is that reclaimed wood flooring is not only beautiful and really durable, but is also without a doubt, one of the most eco-friendly flooring materials on the market today.

Important Notice: We are currently sold out of reclaimed timber, more due to come in soon.