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Hughes Reclamation Yard Manchester

Reclamation Yard Manchester

For those around Manchester items such as reclaimed stone, reclaimed timber and reclaimed cobbles are available at Hughes Reclamation Yard, Manchester. They lower building costs considerably.

Hughes Reclamation Yard, Manchester is located at North End Road in Stalybridge. Apart from reclaimed construction materials, it is also possible to come across gems including accessories such as antiques door knockers or house signs  from the Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian era.

There are several advantages of buying recycled materials such as reclaimed stone and reclaimed cobbles. The greatest advantage is reduction of construction costs. Materials like reclaimed timber, reclaimed stone and reclaimed cobbles cost up to 40 to sixty percent less than new materials.

Reclamation Yard Manchester

The construction materials found at Hughes Reclamation Yard, Manchester are as good as new materials. There are different types of reclaimed stone available. This includes face stone, stone for paving, heads and sills, new wall and dry wall stones and stones for random walling among other types of reclaimed stone that Reclamation Yard Manchester stocks.

Another advantage of opting for construction materials from Hughes Reclamation Yard, Manchester is that is helps the efforts of conservation of the environment. This is especially true when it comes to reclaimed timber.

Using reclaimed timber instead of felling trees for new timber makes a big difference. Reclaimed timber available at Reclamation Yard Manchester can be used for various areas. There is reclaimed timber for roofing, decking, flooring and other purposes. The reclaimed timber is usually hardwood that lasts a long time.

Reclaimed cobbles are the other building material available at Hughes Reclamation Yard, Manchester. Reclaimed cobbles are used on exterior parts of a building such as patios and driveways.

The materials used to make cobbles are different. They can be the standard granite or those made of newer material. At Hughes Reclamation Yard Manchester, you can choose reclaimed cobbles according to where they will be laid out.

Another use of reclaimed cobbles is for wall construction. It is best for low walls rather than perimeter or security walls. Reclaimed cobbles for traditional walls are suitable for putting up walls around ponds,swimming pools and other water fixtures from which children and pets need to be protected. Reclaimed stone can also be used to create pathways such as to the garden.

Apart from the construction of a new house or commercial building, you can also use recycled materials such as reclaimed stone for home repairs, modifications and improvements. Some of them can add value to a home apart from adding aesthetic appeal.

Reclaimed stone, reclaimed timber and reclaimed cobbles can be used to put up a deck, convert a used loft into an extra bedroom or the garage into a home office.

If you need to repair or improve your home you can do so while keeping costs low by using reclaimed timber/wood, reclaimed stone and other used materials.

Important Notice: We are currently sold out of reclaimed timber, more due to come in soon.